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2019 Honda Insight Prototype To Premiere Next Week

2019 Honda Insight Prototype To Premiere Next Week

2019 Honda Insight Prototype To Premiere Next Week

A prototype of the 2019 Honda Insight is set to premiere next week at Detroit Auto Show, and Honda has hopes that this new take on the hybrid will succeed where predecessors have failed.

A Troubled Brand

It was actually a bit of a shock when the 2019 Honda Insight was announced, because the previous models hadn’t performed well at all. This new iteration, however, is a bit of a departure from their previous models and the Japanese automaker is hoping that the changes resonate with customers.

While previous marketing strategies have focused on the eco-efficiency of the car, the 2019 Honda Insight is designed as the simple upscale, five-seat sedan that the market has been clamoring for.

Perhaps the failings of the previous insight were due to the unconventional design and status as a rather niche line, but the 2019 Honda Insight is going back to basics with a traditional car with added hybrid functionality.

It remains to be seen whether this business move will be a win for the manufacturer, but the vehicle has a lot to prove if it wants to shed the negative reputation of previous models.

2019 Honda Insight

The 2019 Honda Insight will pick up where the predecessor left off, but it will also serve to replace the Civic Hybrid – a brand we haven’t seen since 2015. With a lack of that Civic model, Honda doesn’t currently have a direct competitor to the popular Toyota Prius and Hyundia Ioniq. Hopefully with the 2019 Honda Insight, the company can capture a larger portion of the quickly growing market of hybrid and more efficient vehicles.

Although the value of launching a revamp of the Insight has been called into question, it appears as if Honda has hit the nail on the head with this upcoming phone. The design feels more like an Accord than it does a Civic, with a beautiful design that make it look like a truly premium vehicle.

Currently, we don’t know too much about the inner workings of the 2019 Honda Insight, and neither do we know its performance specifications. With the device being marketed as a hybrid, however, we’re expecting mileage and efficiency that exceeds that of a standard vehicle.

The company has stated that the 2019 Honda Insight will feature an engine that functions as a generator under nearly all circumstances, delivering a city/highway EPA fuel economy rating of over 50 miles per gallon. This is an extremely efficient rating, and may start to give Toyota’s ever-popular Prius a run for its money.

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