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4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 11.2.2 & 10 Reasons You Should

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 11.2.2 & 10 Reasons You Should

Apple’s iOS 11.2.2 update is a security release, but it could have a significant impact on your device’s performance. While most of you should install the iOS 11.2.2 update today, others might benefit from waiting a few more hours or even a few more days.

While we wait for iOS 11.2.5, Apple’s released an iOS 11.2.2 update for all iOS 11-powered iPhones and iPads. iOS 11.2.2 is a security update with a single known patch on board. And it’s a big one.

iOS 11.2.2 delivers a fix for the Spectre exploit found in most processors. This makes it an important update for anyone using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The iOS 11.2.2 update is small download for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models. If you’re coming from iOS 11.21, your update is just a few megabytes. It’s just 75MB for the iPhone X. It’s about the same for other iOS-powered devices.

Your iOS 11.2.2 update will be much bigger if you skipped iOS 11.0, iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, iOS 11.0.3, iOS 11.1, iOS 11.1.1, iOS 11.1.2, iOS 11.2, or iOS 11.2.1. The fixes and features from those updates are baked into your version of iOS 11.2.2.

iOS 11.2.2 Update: Should You Upgrade?

iOS 11.2.2 is a tiny update, but Apple’s security upgrades can have tremendous impact on your device’s performance. Some of you could see a boost, some of you could see performance issues. The iOS 11.2.2 update fixes a major problem, but it’s also causing problems for some iPhone and iPad users.

If iOS 11.2.2 starts causing problems on your device you can try dropping back down to iOS 11.2 or iOS 11.2.1. Unfortunately, Apple’s permanently closed off older versions of iOS and Apple’s decision to close off those updates puts an even greater importance on your move to iOS 11.2.2.

There are plenty of reasons to consider installing iOS 11.2.2 right now. That said, there are also some reasons why you might want to temporarily hold off on an installation. If you’re on the fence about upgrading your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS, allow us to walk you through the best reasons to and not to install it right now.

If you’re on iOS 11.2.1, your iOS 11.2.2 update includes security improvements to Safari and WebKit to mitigate the effects of Spectre. If you’re running an older version of iOS, your iOS 11.2.2 will come with a lot more.

Apple’s iOS 11.2 update fixed several problems, but it also brought problems of its own including a potentially nasty zero-day iOS HomeKit vulnerability. The vulnerability, discovered by Tian Zhang, allowed for unauthorized control of HomeKit accessories including garage door openers and smart locks.

Apple quickly rolled out a server-side fix, but the company restored full functionality with the release of iOS 11.2.1. If you skipped iOS 11.2.1 and use HomeKit, you should download iOS

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