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Antivirus for Windows Server: These 4 are a must-have in 2018

Antivirus for Windows Server: These 4 are a must-have in 2018

Antivirus for Windows Server: These 4 are a must-have in 2018

Your company must be storing sensitive, valuable and confidential data or information on a Windows file server, but to what extent are they strong enough to protect your information from unauthorized access?

Whether you have security software or antivirus running, you still need a strong yet suitable business or enterprise antivirus for Windows Server.

The need for high level security is one of the priority concerns for IT experts and professionals today as emerging new threats coupled with successful and high profile security breaches continue to hit the headlines.

Such security exposures can be costly in terms of fixing the damages, and disastrous to your company and clients, so knowing that any technology is at risk of being compromised means you need to find ways to combat it before it strikes.

Common Windows Server security exposures include weak passwords, neglecting malware protection and security patches, and share permissions, among others.

Getting strong protection to harden and lock down your servers will do your business and clients more good, so here are the best antivirus for Windows Server you can get for 2018.

Best antivirus for Windows Server [2018 List]


Kaspersky’s security offers the best antivirus for Windows Server in today’s complex corporate IT networks, which need the highest and top levels of protection as a single piece of malware can spread across all nodes, disrupting business processes and destroying your IT infrastructure.

File servers need dedicated storage security solutions that protect critical data against emerging new threats, while performing continuously under the heaviest load conditions with minimal impact on resources.

Kaspersky Security for Windows Server is designed to protect complex networks and help ensure your most valuable corporate resources are secured effectively and efficiently.

You’ll benefit from a highly stable Windows server solution with superior security, wide ranging compatibility to protect heterogeneous environments, save time and money with centralized management, and advanced protection with its Powerful Application Startup Control combined with Global Security Intelligence and Anti-Cryptor.

Features include cloud-assisted server protection, blocking access from hosts with suspicious activity, multi-layered storage protection, critical area scanning, protection for terminal servers and support for virtualized environments, scalable antimalware solution, with scan scheduling and control over admin privileges, among others.

Get Kaspersky Security for Windows Server

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