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Apple Watch 4 release date rumours: What we expect from the Series 4

Apple Watch 4 release date rumours: What we expect from the Series 4

Apple Watch 4 release date rumours: What we expect from the Series 4

The latest news and rumours about the Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 3 came out in September 2017, bringing cellular connectivity and a big red dot to Apple’s wrist-bound timekeeper. The tech industry being what it is, we’re already looking ahead to the inevitable Apple Watch 4 – likely to launch later this year.

What can we expect from Apple’s device when it gets here? It’s early days, but rumours about the next Apple Watch have already begun to circulate, from a fresh design to the addition of new health sensors. Here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

Apple Watch 4 release date

Bar the first Apple Watch, recent iterations have tended to be revealed in September, at the same time the new iPhone:

  • Apple Watch (first-gen): 24 April 2015
  • Apple Watch Series 1/Series 2: 16 September 2016
  • Apple Watch Series 3: 22 September 2017

This pattern suggests we’ll see the next Apple Watch during the company’s autumn event.

There are rumours that Apple may launch an “S” model before a fully fledged Apple Watch Series 4. Could a Series 3S model launch during the summer at WWDC? Perhaps, although there’s currently nothing in the way of strong evidence to support this. We’d say an autumn launch is more likely.

Apple Watch 4 design

Apple has kept its square-faced Watch design consistent for the past three generations. The time is ripe for a design change, and we’d put money on the Apple Watch 4 bringing a substantial aesthetic overhaul of the smartwatch.

This may include a rounded watch face. One patent that surfaced last year, bupa was originally filed back in 2015, shows a strap with an in-built battery, hooked to a circular timepiece. It’s worth noting that Apple is known to use generic images in its patents, so it doesn’t necessarily mean a round watch face is definitely on the cards.

Given the bounty of round Android smartwatches, a circular option for the Series 4 does sblooeem a good idea. Then again, perhaps the Series 4 will push something altogether more experimental. Another Apple patent, unearthed by Patently Apple, shows a watch with an integrated, flexible display strap.

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