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Apple’s iPhone X-Like Features Coming To Galaxy S9

Apple’s iPhone X-Like Features Coming To Galaxy S9

Apple’s iPhone X-Like Features Coming To Galaxy S9

The South Korean giant Samsung has officially presented the Exynos 9810, the processor that will use the South Korean firm in its new flagship, the Galaxy S9, and which has all the necessary technology to offer artificial intelligence in the new smartphones.

These are the main features of the processor that will use the Samsung Galaxy S9

As we know, very little rest for the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ to be presented in society. According to several specialized sources, the Asian firm has decided to advance the launch to counter the prominence that the iPhone X is having.

It is for that reason that not a day passes without we have news about some of the characteristics with which these new “beasts” of the high range will arrive. Even, thanks to several leaks, we know almost in detail the design that the terminals will adopt.

Unfortunately, much of this information is not officially confirmed, because the South Korean giant Samsung wants to wait for the presentation event to reveal all the details inherent in the mobile phone. However, one of the main components for the performance of the Galaxy S9 has finally been unveiled by the same company.

We are talking specifically about the Exynos 9810, the new star processor that we can find in some models of the Samsung Galaxy S9. As detailed in an official statement of the firm, this new processor will offer premium features, such as processing capabilities for deep learning and artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, as described in Engadget, the Exynos 9810 is built on the South Korean giant Samsung’s second-generation 10-nanometer FinFET architecture, which according to Koreans will improve the performance of the devices with its third-generation CPU.

In addition, it will have a faster LTE gigabit modem, and deep learning capabilities based on neural networks. Even Koreans will not only use it for their smartphones but also for personal computing and the automotive industry, using their artificial intelligence capabilities.

According to the manufacturer, its new processor will be able to recognize people and objects in photographs to speed up searches and categorization. You can also scan the faces of users in three dimensions with its depth sensor.

The truth is that this processor will be present at CES 2018, where the company, of course, the South Korean giant Samsung intends to expose it as one of the banners of the next generation of devices oriented to the era of AI (Artificial Intelligence), being currently in mass production.

So, what do you think about this new powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) based processor of the South Korean giant Samsung? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Source : Techviral

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