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How to Delete MPSigStub.exe Virus from Windows 10 or Older Versions

How to Delete MPSigStub.exe Virus from Windows 10 or Older Versions

How to Delete MPSigStub.exe Virus from Windows 10 or Older Versions

This executable is a part of the Windows Automatic Update tool, an app which is also used by Microsoft Windows Defender and Microsoft Malware removal tool. If you don’t have an issue with this executable, it’s recommended you leave it be.

In some cases, this app has a glitch that happens only in older versions of Windows 10. Anytime when Windows gets an update the MPSigStub.exe and its folder are created and when the process of updating completes, both the folder and the executable are automatically deleted.

Removing this app from your PC will not harm your device or OS. But sometimes the update installer gets a glitch and it will create more folders that contain the MPSigStub executable inside that you can find in external media or hard drives. You will not be able to delete them normally and once you do it, every time Windows will get an update, it will be recreated.

There are a few methods through which you can delete this executable and you must apply the method to each folder created by Windows with the MPSigStub executable inside. Just by deleting the MPSigStub executable that you found in Windows / System 32 will not remove the other folders that were generated.

Method 1: Open Windows Explorer With Administrator Rights

  • Click on Start bar -> search for ‘explorer.exe’. Right-click on File Explorer (or Windows Explorer) -> ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • UAC (User Account Control) will ask you if you want to let ‘explorer.exe’ to make changes to your system -> Yes.
  • After that, go where the folder that contains MPSigStub.exe is and Delete it. It should work with administrative privileges.

Method 2: Change Permissions for MPSigStub.exe

  • Find where the MPSigStub.exe is located, right-click on it and open Properties.
  • Go Security and click on Edit.
  • You will see the Permissions window and you must select Users. Your account has to be set as active. Under the account check all the boxes under Allow. Hit Apply and it will save your new permissions.
  • Go back to where MPSigStub.exe is located and you will be able to delete it.

Method 3: Delete MPSigStub.exe From Command Prompt

  • Press ‘Windows’ key + ‘R’ and inside the run window, write cmd. Press enter to open the Command Prompt window.
  • By using the Command Prompt, navigate to the partition where MPSigStub.exe is located: type the drive letter and then add ‘:’ (for example: ‘d:’ or ‘c:’).
  • You can access the folder in which MPSigStub.exe is located by typing cd *yourfoldername*. If the folder has a very long name, just type the first few letters and add an asterisk at the end.
  • Type ‘del MPSigStub.exe’ and press Enter.
  • Go back to the folder level with this command: ‘cd..’.
  • Type ‘rmdir *FolderName*’ and hit Enter – it will delete the folder that contained the executable. (*FolderName* – insert the name of the folder between the asterisks or just add the first few letters between them).

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