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The First-Ever iMac Pro Price Reduction (Discount) Surfaces Online

The First-Ever iMac Pro Price Reduction (Discount) Surfaces Online

The First-Ever iMac Pro Price Reduction (Discount) Surfaces Online

With the recent launch of the iMac Pro, Apple reasserted themselves as the king of workstations for creative professionals. With applications from image editing to advanced virtual reality editing, Apple’s latest computer gives users sky-high performance with a sky-high price tag. Surprisingly, we’ve already seen an iMac Pro price reduction — available online now from Best Buy.

A Rare Sale

An iMac Pro price reduction so soon after release is almost unprecedented, considering how rarely Apple products go on sale. As one of the largest technology companies worldwide, Apple has seen great success producing premium devices that are as much a status symbol as they are a functional tool.

While their most popular devices are no doubt the iPhone line, their laptops and computers also have a reputation for smooth operation and ease of use for users ranging from college students to creative professionals and researchers. Apple devices sell fast and they sell well, and there almost never discounts from the manufacturer themselves.

The iMac Pro price reduction isn’t from Apple, but from Best Buy. The base model of this monster of a computer retails for $5000, but is currently available for just $4749.99 on the electronics retailer’s website.

That price may still seem a little outrageous for a base model, and it’s definitely still out of reach for most of us, but even just buying the computer without any additional add-ons offers supreme power that make the iMac Pro price reduction a noteworthy sale. The model online from Best Buy is a 3.2GhZ/32GB/1TB setup and the listed price includes shipping.

Unparalleled Power

Apple has long had a reputation as the go-to device for creative professionals. From photographers and video editors to artists and graphic designers, the combination of a clean interface and excellent software had given it a clear advantage over competitor Microsoft.

However, Microsoft has set their sights on creatives, running a series of ads that boast the power of computers like their Surface PCs and showing them in action doing tasks similar to that that would be handled on one of Apple’s computers. Apple is no longer able to rest on their laurels if they’d like to remain the top dog in this incredibly profitable industry.

The company’s answer to this competition was to release an absolute powerhouse of a machine. Featuring an 8 core CPU, 8GB dedicated GPU, and a huge amount of both RAM and storage, the computer will handle pretty much anything you throw at it with ease.

Even with an iMac Pro price reduction, the cost of the device is more than a little outrageous. However, the computer is intended as a workstation rather than a device for basic web browsing and Facebook.

There’s no reason to pay the high iMac Pro price if you’re an average user, but for those who push their computers to the limits, Apple’s newest offering is ready and waiting to bring unprecedented power to your tasks.

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