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Google Assistant Prove to be Better than Amazon

Google Assistant Prove to be Better than Amazon

Google Assistant Prove to be Better than Amazon

After Amazon released Alexa, Google shouted their new assistant, too, at the CES event this year. It seems like Google has a great chance to show they’re better than Amazon, even if they lost their start and are a little left behind.

After Google did not grant permission for Amazon’s Echo Show to present YouTube content, Google thought it would be a good idea to make their assistant able to have YouTube content.

Security to be a problem for Google?

The problem with Google’s new assistant is privacy. Even if it is said that it only listens to you when you start the conversation with “Hey Google”, we just have some issues, just like we have issues with Alexa, and we still think that there somewhere could be a certain microphone that can deliver everything you say.

The Verge’s Ashley Carman stated that her trust issues are so strong, she does not use any of these in her house. However, she trusts Google with her E-mail and location, on Google Maps. And it’s understandable, Google it’s the most known company in the whole world. With Alexa and Amazon, things would be different.

About CES

Carman also talked about the lack of women among the speakers from CES and Goode made a comparison between all of her opinions about the tech show until now. It’s just amazing how lots of people are coming to this event year after year and they’re all excited to show stuff and find out stuff and they leave with much fun and facts learned from this event, even if a lot of those things are weird and most of them show devices, it’s actually great for everyone.

Source : news4c

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