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InsTube vs SnapTube – Surprising Winner

InsTube vs SnapTube – Surprising Winner

InsTube vs SnapTube – Surprising Winner

Everyone loves to watch YouTube videos and there’s no doubt about that. People can find anything they want on YouTube starting with the latest music videos and ending with cool movie trailers. However, YouTube works only if the designated device is connected to a stable internet network such as mobile data or local Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, there are many apps which give people the ability to download all their favorite videos and store them on their smartphone’s SD card. The reason why being able to download videos from YouTube is awesome is because it makes it possible for people to enjoy their favorite content while offline.

SnapTube or InsTube

The two most popular apps for downloading YouTube videos are SnapTube and InsTube. Both apps feature similar features and people never know which one to choose. Truth be told, these two apps shouldn’t even be placed in the same category since InsTube is so much better than SnapTube. With that said, let’s check out what InsTube has to offer and see what makes it special.

No Bugs or Viruses

If there’s one thing that InsTube can guarantee to people is that they will never be annoyed by bugs or viruses. The app is constantly receiving new updates which enhance its performance and overall stability. Moreover, SnapTube is known for randomly crashing but this will never be an issue with InsTube.

Fast Download Speeds

The best feature that InsTube offers is its ability to take down any YouTube video in a matter of seconds. The app is equipped with a special download manager that uses multiple thread connections to speed up downloads. In addition, InsTube allows people to download videos in all possible resolutions starting with 240 pixels and ending with full HD 1080 pixels.

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