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Intel Shows Off Flying Car At CES 2018!

Intel Shows Off Flying Car At CES 2018!

Intel Shows Off Flying Car At CES 2018!

There are lots of talks regarding flying cars in the tech industry. Whether flying taxis ever become a conventional mode of transportation in coming future or not, ambitious tech giants will continue to showcase their prototypes to the world.

Recently, Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich demonstrated a flying car which is dubbed as Volocopter at CES 2018. Brian Krzanich was also the proud first passenger of Volocopter in December 2017.

Guess what? The flying car almost looks like a giant drone and it tool a small remote-controlled flight at the CES keynote area. Volocopter is basically a multicopter and it carries a seating capacity of two passengers.

Volocopter can be operated manually, autonomously and controlled remotely. Intel with the partnership with Volocopter has put in lots of efforts to provide all the flight control solutions that are required for a giant drone to fly on its own and ensure safety.

Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter says that their flying car is just like “a flying supercomputer creating a pleasant and safe ride”. The giant drone houses lots of microprocessors that monitor the atmosphere for turbulence, winds and more.

Guess what? Volocopter also got the permission to fly in Germany and the team has performed flight tests in Dubai as well. The latest production from the company is Volocopter 2X which weighs 450kg and it houses 18 rotors and it’s competent enough to fly up to 17 miles on a single charge. Volocopter can fly at the speed of 43mph.

So, it looks like we are about to live in the future that we once imagined. Flying cars could be the reality very soon. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

Source : Techviral

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