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iPhone 9 Features We Might See in 2018

iPhone 9 Features We Might See in 2018

iPhone 9 Features We Might See in 2018

Just because Apple went from iPhone 8 to iPhone X, it doesn’t mean that they forgot about the iPhone 9. We are prepared to see the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X2 in two sizes next year, in September.

While there is no official or solid information on the iPhone 9, we believe that the smartphone will continue the iPhone traditional design, as a bridge to the next step that Apple took with the near bezel-less iPhone X.

Even though we don’t know much about what it will have, we’ve created a list with what we’d like to see for the next year’s Apple flagship smartphone.

The Home Button

If you’re looking at buying an iPhone X, then you won’t be seeing a home button. We would love to see it on the iPhone 9, as a final goodbye to the familiar iPhone design.

Included AirPods

Since there is no more headphone jack, we’re going to have to either connect them through the Lightning port or charge the phone. We would like to see them in the box with the iPhone 9. this would be a selling point to selling the iPhone 9.

Wireless Charging Abilities

Wireless charging for Apple is still something new, but we hope to see it on the iPhone 9. So we might see the all-glass back featured for the iPhone 9 if we’re going to get it with the wireless charging feature. Unfortunately, this will make the device break too easy.

AMOLED Display

Only the iPhone X has the AMOLED Display, which offers rich colors and deep blacks. The supply chain needs almost half a year to calibrate it, but the iPhone 9 should be able to have it.

Dual Cameras

It’s more than possible that the next iPhone will come with a dual rear-facing camera setup, but in the iPhone 9 Plus version. Expect to see portrait lightning and photos with more depth.

Source : news4c

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