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iPhone SE 2 Rumor Suggests Glass Back, Wireless Charging

iPhone SE 2 Rumor Suggests Glass Back, Wireless Charging

iPhone SE 2 Rumor Suggests Glass Back, Wireless Charging

There have been rumors floating around the web for quite some time regarding a potential update to the iPhone SE. A recent iPhone SE 2 rumor suggests that we may see wireless charging from the upcoming revamp.

iPhone SE 2 Rumor

While the iPhone 8 and iPhone X both currently have a glass panel on the back of the phone in order to support wireless charging, the iPhone SE only had glass at the top and bottom rear – the rest of the phone being made up of aluminum. The update to include the glass panel will update the phone’s aesthetic in addition to providing potential support for wireless charging.

The iPhone SE 2 rumor comes from, and claims that a “very reliable source” suggested that we’ll see a full glass back on the successor to the iPhone SE. This line of phones has generally been Apple’s more affordable smartphone, combining excellent performance and the fluidity of the Apple operating system with more accessible pricing.

While the SE is by no means a budget phone, it is significantly more affordable than current flagships – and it’s likely that the new model will be a more accessible option when compared to the $1000 price tag of the iPhone X, even if the iPhone SE 2 rumor regarding the aesthetic revamp is to be believed.

While Apple led the charge towards innovation with the iPhone X Face ID, the jump towards wireless charging comes significantly later than many Android models. There has been criticism that Apple is a little behind the times, offering fewer features and a more restrictive operating system when compared to Android competitors.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, however, it’s that when the company implements a technology, they do it well. If the iPhone SE 2 rumor turns out to be true and we see a full glass panel on the rear of the phone, it’s looking likely that we’ll enjoy wireless charging on all of Apple’s upcoming devices.

The decision to include the technology even on budget models seems to suggest that Apple has decided to fully embrace wireless charging technology as a whole rather than reserving it for their luxury models.

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