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iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

iPhone X Beats Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

Much has been said about the quality of the iPhone X in general terms, and everything it brings to justify its price. The OLED screen was one of the turning points in Apple’s offer on the iPhone segment and is one of the components that made the price go up quite a bit.

An intensive test of the iPhone X, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones, provoking the burn-in effect, seems to demonstrate that the iPhone X screen is really good.

Apple has put an OLED screen on an iPhone for the first time. It is a novelty within the Apple offering but not a novelty in the Android segment, for example, where brands like Samsung and LG have been using it for years.

Apple, however, revealed that rather than adopting a technology made by Samsung, it worked the screen with its own techniques to make the final product really good and from there the Super Retina screen was born.

This screen, according to market data, is one of the most balanced in the presentation of colours, which gives you the credit to be one of the best in terms of smartphones.

The OLED technology used in this smartphone is fantastic because it makes the colours more vivid, intense while using less energy to show the images. However, there is a problem inherent to the technology itself, such a burn-in effect. That is, the elements that present the images, when subjected to many hours of a still image, have permanent marks as if that image burned the screen that shows it, leaving a kind of “ghost image”.

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Source : Techviral

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