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iPhone X Overheating Issues Reported – Phones Overheating And Shutting Down

iPhone X Overheating Issues Reported – Phones Overheating And Shutting Down

iPhone X Overheating Issues Reported – Phones Overheating And Shutting Down

Many users are now reporting issues with the iPhone X overheating, and there’s currently not a fix in the works.

iPhone X Overheating

With the iPhone X overheating, many users are upset about a major problem with their new – and very expensive – new phone. Although the phone innovated in a major way with the new Face ID technology, an iPhone X overheating problem may impact the usability of the device – a much more important issue to address than a nifty way to unlock your phone using your face.

The iPhone X overheating problem varies in severity from a phone that is a little warm to a complete shutdown. Redmondpie reports that one user suggested his wife’s phone got so hot that it was completely unresponsive, wouldn’t register in iTunes, and was unable to cool down.

While it’s unrealistic to expect every new phone to ship without any bugs, the fact that the iPhone X overheating issue is so severe in some cases that the phone is just not turning on is a major problem for Apple.

Issues in software are much easier to fix, while problems with the hardware such as the issue causing iPhone X overheating is much more severe and much more difficult to fix. Software issues can be patched out via updates, but hardware issues often require a physical fix.

Spending $1000 only to be met with an iPhone X overheating issue is a major concern, and it doesn’t appear as if Apple currently has an idea on how to fix the problem. What is currently the most cutting-edge smartphone shouldn’t be plagued with a problem like this, and if it remains unaddressed there’s a potential for the company to lose their current market dominance. The issue is so bad that some users are apparently putting their phone in the freezer to get it to cool down.

Another user reported an iPhone overheating problem that got so hot that it was at the point that the phone was too hot to touch and it wouldn’t even cool down after placing it in the freezer.

Some users who were having the problem reported that the issue occurred mainly when they were running navigation software that put a heavy load on the processor – such as Google Maps or Waze. Others still have suggested that watching videos on the Facebook app or even just within Safari has caused the overheating, as well as massive battery drain on the device.

One customer has recorded a video as proof, demonstrating the iPhone X overheating issue. Take a look at the video below.

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