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iPhone X Overheating Issues Reported – Phones Overheating And Shutting Down

iPhone X Overheating Issues Reported – Phones Overheating And Shutting Down

iPhone X Overheating Issues Reported – Phones Overheating And Shutting Down

In the video, the iPhone X is actually disabling the LED camera flash due to the heat of the phone, saying that the device needs to cool down before it can be enabled again. This feature serves as a safeguard so that the phone doesn’t become damaged, so it’s a good thing that it’s there overall, but it really shouldn’t be happening as frequently as it has been, which spells a major issue for Apple. If their phones are to gain a reputation for overheating batteries, that could hamper the sales of one of their best performing devices thus far.

Following In Samsung’s Footsteps

The iPhone X overheating issues bring to mind a more disastrous event that played out similarly. The Galaxy note 7 release was perhaps one of the most troubled in history, with all of the phones having to be recalled due to exploding batteries and an entire generation of that line sent completely down the drain.

All of the research and development put into the phone as well as the costs of manufacturing the devices was for nothing due to a hardware issue that made the Note 7 dangerous to own.

While the iPhone X overheating problems aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as the Note 7’s problems, there are a number of users reporting that the device becomes too hot to hold. The last thing that Apple needs right now is a reputation in the same vein as Samsung’s disaster of a phone launch.

This hardware problem from Apple’s newest phone is rather unprecedented, as the company is usually pretty good about releasing top-notch devices without too many issues.

Overheating has been reported in phones and laptops in the past, but not quite to this extent. A device as expensive as the iPhone X shouldn’t have people sticking their new phone in the freezer.

Unfortunately, the iPhone X overheating issue isn’t the only problem with the new phone either. Some iPhone X users are reporting that Apple’s device is using way more cellular data than previous phones and that there are certain points where the phone may use cellular data even if you are connected to WiFi.

Apple hasn’t commented on these “enhancements” that cause higher data use, and it’s a major problem for those of us with strict data limits and use WiFi to use their phones as they need without eating through their data.

It’s clear that despite having some innovative new technology and driving huge numbers of sales, the iPhone X still has some kinks to work out. We hope that Apple can work to address these issues and find a way to ensure people don’t have to stick $1000 worth of technology in the fridge to make it usable again.

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