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iPhone X Plus News: Release Date, Specs, Features

iPhone X Plus News: Release Date, Specs, Features

iPhone X Plus News: Release Date, Specs, Features

The latest rumors on the iPhone X Plus suggest that the smartphone could be the biggest ever from Apple. A noted technology industry expert indicates that the iPhone X Plus, as the device could be branded, will be an exciting proposition when it arrives later this year.

Kuo predictions

Infamous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities asserts that Apple will deliver an iPhone X Plus with a 6.5-inch OLED screen. This device will be roughly as large as the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, but will instead feature the wraparound-style display that Apple debuted in the iPhone X earlier this year.

Apple will also slim the bezels down in this new iPhone X Plus with the aim of delivering what it deems to be the ideal smartphone. The 6.5-inch screen linked with this iteration of the iconic mobile series will certainly put the new release on par with virtually everything in the existing industry in terms of size.

iPhone X Plus $1,000+ price tag

The price tag of the iPhone X Plus will also be a particular element of interest for Apple fans, as the comments of Kuo imply that the smartphone could be even more expensive than the $999 iPhone X. Although Apple can sell virtually any product, a four-figure price tag would certainly pique the interest of analysts.

In addition, Kuo also suggests that a cheaper OLED model will accompany the iPhone X Plus, as Apple looks to solidify its product range around the technology that it embraced for the first time last year. This model will also incorporate Face ID, although the display will feature an inferior resolution to the high-end model.

Kuo suggests that this version of the next iPhone generation will be more affordable, with consumers required to shell out between $650 and $750 in order to pick one up. This can be considered a competitive price tag in the contemporary smartphone marketplace.

iPhone X Plus Display rumors

Just as branding isn’t certain for the iPhone X Plus, another aspect of the smartphone which is still up in the air is the resolution of a display that will clearly be central to the device.

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