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Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide: all weapon types, their moves and uses explained

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide: all weapon types, their moves and uses explained

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide: all weapon types, their moves and uses explained

Now Monster Hunter is heading to consoles once again with full online play a whole new audience is hopefully going to bring a whole new audience to the franchise – but much of the series is saying the same for this entry. Monster Hunter World features many of the same weapon types as in other games in the series – but they’ve been rebalanced and tweaked to better fir this new more open and action-packed experience.

When it comes down to weapons in Monster Hunter World there are a total of 14 weapon types to choose from, with each type of weapon coming complete with its own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Some weapons are easier to use than others, with some requiring mastery of combos or unique mechanics to become truly useful while others will be easy to pick up and use early on when you’re first getting used to Monster Hunter World’s mechanics.

On this page, we’re going to get in-depth on each of the weapon classes in the game and how they work, with far more detailed information on each class and the weapons available within that class to follow later on. First, here’s a video demonstrating a few moments of each weapon in use:

Monster Hunter World Weapons Guide: all weapon types and their uses explained

Monster Hunter World doesn’t feature any all-new types of weapon, but many of its weapons have been tweaked and changed in significant ways to the previous games in the series. There are 14 types of weapon in the game total, and while you’ll encounter different versions of each weapon type with various stats and elemental affinities their core features, combos and controls will be shared with other weapons of the same type.

We’ll be going into detail on the different types of each branch of weapon available to you on another page later on, but here we’re going to focus on all of the weapon types on Monster Hunter World and what exactly they’re useful for. You might want to switch between some of the 14 classes of weapon depending on not just your personal preference but the nature of the monster you’re currently hunting or your team make-up when heading into a co-op online hunt. So! Let’s get into talking through what those 14 core weapon types are…

Sword & Shield – the best beginner’s weapon in Monster Hunter World

If you’re looking for something basic weapon-wise to get you started, the Sword and Shield is definitely one of the best places to begin in Monster Hunter World. The sword is one-handed and lightweight, making for fast attacks – while the shield gives you some solid defensive options when monsters close in on you. The mobility will make it easy for you to stay alive when you’re first getting used to the game.

The most significant original extra around the sword and shield is that you can use items while it’s still drawn. While other weapons require you to sheath them in order to use your slinger for ranged attacks or even heal, with the sword and shield you can use items without stopping to put your weapons away. The trade-off for this is reduced weapon range and damage, but the latter at least can be buffed somewhat thanks to the fact that a number of elemental swords are available – the right sword paired against a monster’s weakness can make all the difference.

Sword & Shield in Brief:

  • You can block attacks, and even use items while blocking
  • Quick Attacks and good mobility for evasion
  • Low damage output
  • Guard is weaker than with heavier weapons that have it

Sword & Shield Controls / Moves

  • Triangle = Chop
  • Circle = Special
  • Triangle + Circle = Roundslash
  • Circle + Left Stick Direction = Shield Attack
  • R2 + Triangle = Rising Slash
  • R2 = Shield Guard
  • L2 = Aim Slinger
  • Controls for using items like heals with the sword & shield remain the same.
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