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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Razer Phone: New Opponents on The Market

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Razer Phone: New Opponents on The Market

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Razer Phone: New Opponents on The Market

Here comes the newly Razer Phone, a brute of a phone which, in terms of technology, might change the vision of mobile gaming. While showing its specifications, we should take a closer look and set it side by side to the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.As for the internal description, both gadgets include a Snapdragon 835 processor, basically, they are pretty similar with slightly differences.

The Galaxy Note 8 fights for a bigger display of 6.3 inch Super AMOLED compared to 5.72 inch 120 Hz Ultramotion LCD for the Razer Phone. The latter has also 2 more grams when it comes for weight and since incidents occur, our Razer Phone is not water resistant, compared to the Note 8 which can resist up to 5 feet of water for about 30 minutes, thing that it does matter sometimes.

The storage provides 64 GB for both of them but, since they also support MicroSD cards, Razer Phone can have an extension of 2 TB while Galaxy Note 8 can go up to a maximum of 256 GB.

Another confrontation between the two is for the new Bluetooth 5.0 which comes with the Note 8 and is missing from the Razer Phone which kept the 4.2 older version.

A thing that we will miss should definitely be the absence of the 3.5mm headphone port, to the detriment of the wireless connection one for the Razer Phone which can repay us only with some good material speakers, more specifically a set of front-facing items.

If we have to pick from those two according to their internal profile, we are more inclined to choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, in spite of the Razer Phone. Moving on, let’s see a debate between their display and also, their appeal for design. As outlined above, The Galaxy Note 8 uses a frameless design having more space for the screen and less for the sensor suite and front camera.

Its bending lines and even display, transforms this gadget into an attractive phone. The Super AMOLED screen and the Gorilla Glass 5, offers intense colors combined with the perfect combo of protection and performance making it a resistant glass and an incredible item to use while on the go activities.

On the other side, Razer Phone is equipped with more place for those dual front speakers turning it into a sharp-cornered design and a smaller display with a Gorilla Glass 3. It is true that its durability is higher than the Note 8’s first because of its aluminum build. It’s only a matter of time before you choose to like or not.

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