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Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Wireless Headphones Review

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Wireless Headphones Review

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Wireless Headphones Review

Samsung was among the first companies to join the truly wireless headphones party with its Gear IconX last year. For the uninitiated, we use the term “truly wireless” to describe this new type of Bluetooth earphones that lack even a single wire to connect the two buds – like Apple‘s AirPods.So, this year Samsung is back with a new edition of the Gear IconX earbuds, and with that come a few welcome changes to the product.

Mostly discreet looks, but far from a fashion accessory

The styling of the IconX 2018 is very similar to that of last year’s model. They don’t have the long ‘stems’ of Apple’s AirPods, but are generally chubbier. Available are three distinct colors: black, gray, and pink.

This time, all variants have uniform color – they lack the contrasting accents found on the previous models; and depending on your taste, this may be a good or a bad thing.If you haven’t had the chance to use truly wireless headphones so far, you may be wary of how you’re going to look with such a model. In the case of the Samsung Gear IconX 2018, we’d say they don’t look too weird, although they sure won’t help you appear like a better catch than you already are.

Fit & comfort

The IconX 2018 comes with a choice of three different ear gel and ear hook sizes. This should be enough flexibility to find a combination that works well on you. The fit is generally quite tight, which is good if you’ll be using them during workout sessions, as they will not slip out of your ears. On the flip side, they are in no way as comfortable to wear as the Apple AirPods.

The IconX are fine for a one-hour jogging session, but they may start feeling painful or otherwise inconvenient with longer usage.There’s quite a bit of versatility in terms of the built-in control pads in each earbud.

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