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Samsung Says It’s ‘Unlikely’ To Unveil Galaxy S9 At The CES

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Samsung Says It’s ‘Unlikely’ To Unveil Galaxy S9 At The CES

Last week, the rumor mill claimed that Samsung was planning to showcase its next-gen Galaxy S9 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month. The Korean giant is looking to launch an iPhone X rival as early as possible to defend its market share against Apple’s shiny new device. If you were expecting to get a glimpse of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus at the CES in Las Vegas, you are going to be disappointed.

Galaxy S9 could be unveiled at the MWC

A Samsung spokesperson dismissed the rumors saying, “It is unlikely,” reports The Korea Herald. The choice of words suggests that Samsung hasn’t clearly made up its mind about whether to preview the Galaxy S9 at the CES, which is only a few weeks away. The Korea Herald added that the company would unveil the flagship smartphone either at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in late February or hold an independent event in March.

Earlier this year, Samsung wanted to unveil the Galaxy S8 at the MWC. But the company was forced to delay the S8 unveiling as it was still dealing with the consequences of the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. The Galaxy S7 and S6 were announced at the MWC event in previous years. So, Samsung is likely to show off the upcoming Galaxy S9 at the MWC in Barcelona.

How it will differ from the Galaxy S8

The Korea Herald added that the Galaxy S9 would only be a minor upgrade over the current Galaxy S8. It would look similar to the S8 with a bezel-less Infinity OLED display, though the bezels will be slimmer than before. Samsung will place the fingerprint sensor on the back of the S9 as it is still struggling with the in-display fingerprint reader. Fortunately, the fingerprint reader would sit in a more ergonomic location, right below the camera and the heart rate sensor.

Talking about the camera, VentureBeat contributor Evan Blass reports that Samsung will differentiate between the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus by keeping the dual camera exclusive to the larger S9 Plus. It means the regular Galaxy S9 would sport only a single camera lens on the back. Also, the S9 Plus would pack a bigger 6GB RAM compared to just 4GB RAM in the Galaxy S9.

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