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How to sell or trade in your old iPhone

How to sell or trade in your old iPhone

How to sell or trade in your old iPhone

Swappa. Swappa also connects buyer and sellers directly, using PayPal for the transaction as well as its built-in protections for the buyer and the seller. Unlike Glyde, Swappa collects its fees from the buyer’s end, but the price the buyer actually sees has that fee as well as shipping included. The seller pays for shipping, and you’re on your own to package the item securely too. Sellers are also allowed to set their own return policies, but buyers can always return items that were received in worse condition than they were advertised.

Swappa gives you a lot of data, and then lets you set the final price.

Swappa recommended I price my 64GB AT&T iPhone 6s at $218, which would net me $208, minus PayPal fees and shipping costs. The site reminded me to build shipping costs into my asking price, and it also provides data on the average asking price for that item, the price of the last sold item, and the lowest asking price currently on the site for that item. So I felt like I had plenty of info to make my own decision on how much to ask for.

Trade in your iPhone for store credit

Another convenient approach is to turn in your old iPhone to the Apple store, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, or Amazon, where they’ll give you a gift card. You might not get quite as much, but these stores also take phones in worse condition than your typical buyer would expect. The big-box stores, for example, will give you a small gift card for an iPhone with a broken screen, while an Apple store will just recycle it for you.

Be sure to check with Amazon and Best Buy if your device is broken—they were the most generous. But at the end of the day, a gift card from the store where you shop the most will probably be the most “worthwhile.”

Again, I got quotes for my good-condition iPhone 6s (64GB, rose gold, AT&T), as well as an older iPhone 6 (64GB, space gray, AT&T). The iPhone 6 doesn’t actually have a broken screen—but I’ll pretend it does just to see how that affects the quote.

Apple’s trade-in prices are the worst of any place we checked, so be sure to shop around unless you’re desperate for an Apple store gift card.

Apple. The Apple store’s online quote service estimated I’d get a $200 gift card for my good-condition iPhone 6s. My theoretically broken-screen iPhone 6 would be recyled for free, but if the screen was intact, the gift card would be for $145. You can mail in your device for free to get a gift card, or bring it to an Apple store for an immediate credit toward a new device.

Target. Target offers gift cards for your old smartphone, tablet, videogames, videogame console, wearables, smart speakers, and even other stores’ gift cards. They partner with CExchange, who will give you an estimate, provide a prepaid FedEx Ground label (you pack the device yourself), and then email you a gift card. Broken phones are acceptable too—for a broken iPhone 6, the estimate was $17.50. For my good-condition iPhone 6s, I was quoted $137.50.

Best Buy. Best Buy is a good place to check if your phone is broken. For an iPhone 6 with a cracked screen, but still in working order, I was quoted $33. You can take a trade-in to a nearby store, which could be extremely convenient, or mail it in and receive a gift card by email. For my good-condition iPhone 6s, I could expect $180.

No, I’m not trading in my replacement earbud tips.

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