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Top iPad Mini 4 Cases in 2018

Top iPad Mini 4 Cases in 2018

Top iPad Mini 4 Cases in 2018

Recently, Apple seems to have forgotten about the iPad Mini 4 and focused on launching other bigger iPads that prove to have more power too. But still, the iPad Mini 4 is a popular choice among Apple users and this means that there are a lot of cases to choose from to protect and carry your device around.

Here is a top of our favorite cases so far, each having different designs or functions. There are simple cases, covers, cases that have a double use as stands, cases that have a keyboard integrated inside, sleeves made from faux leather or genuine leather and so on.

The Original Smart Cover

If you want to keep the original feel, go for the Smart Cover from Apple. It has a magnetic spin that will attach itself to the left edge of the iPad and it also folds itself to let you use it as a stand. It has a microfiber lining that will clean the screen when you close it and comes with the auto wake and sleep feature.

Zagg Slim Book Keyboard Case

We like it when functionality brings along some versatility too and this case has a keyboard inside that will connect with the iPad Mini 4 via Bluetooth. If you use the keyboard for an hour per day, ZAGG claims that the battery of the keyboard will last for 2 years.

It might have small keys, but the typing is comfortable. You can use the case and make your tablet look like a laptop or you can remove the keyboard and just leave the tablet enveloped in a back case.

STM Bags Dux Case

A military standard test shows that you can drop the tablet while it has the STM Bags Dux Case as a protection. It will protect it if you drop it from 4 feet up to 26 times. It’s better not to try testing it on your device, but if you need an excellent protection for your fragile iPad, then this is the best case for you. It has a stand and a transparent back and it will close with a magnetic tab. You can choose from a ton of colors your own STM Bags Dux Case.

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