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How to upgrade your Xbox One storage by 2TB and more: That’s up to 100 additional games

How to upgrade your Xbox One storage by 2TB and more: That’s up to 100 additional games

How to upgrade your Xbox One storage by 2TB and more: That’s up to 100 additional games

It cannot be disputed that the new generation of gaming has been an outstanding success, with more consoles shifted than ever before and more top quality games made available than many could have dreamed of. However, there is one issue we’ve had with our current gen machines that we’re sure many others will also have experienced already; none of them have big enough hard drives.

In an age where digital downloads are replacing disc media and even physical games require installation to the hard drive by default, 500GB – the size of the HDD on standard Xbox One and PS4 consoles – is just not enough.

You could opt for a 1TB model of the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X, that comes with 1TB as default, but considering games now go up to around 110GB including One X enhancements (yep, Halo 5: Guardians, we’re looking at you), you will fill up even that internal drive fairly quickly. Plus, with games of that size taking an absolute age to download over broadband, even with a 100Mbps connection or more, it’s not ideal to have to delete games to make room for new ones.

There is a solution though. You can always add to or replace the hard drive. And on the Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X that’s a doddle. It doesn’t even require a screwdriver.

Thankfully, the Xbox One recognises external hard drives, as long as they have a USB 3.0 connection. And once installed they can be used in exactly the same way as the existing internal HDD.

We’ve done it ourselves in fact, expanding our own Xbox One hard drive by a further 2TB, which is enough for anywhere up to an estimated 100 games (on an average of 20 – 25GB per game) – or 20 top end enhanced titles on Xbox One X. And what’s more, it runs as smoothly, if not faster than the internal drive that comes with Xbox One and Xbox One S. Here’s how…

First choice you need to make is which external drive you will use. We chose a 2TB Seagate Game Drive designed especially for Xbox. It’s USB 3.0, doesn’t require an external power source so doesn’t take up an additional socket under our AV cabinet, and its Xbox-adorned facia makes it a good fit. At around £75 for 2TB it’s also good value. You can even opt for a 4TB version to fit even more games and captures.

You can pay a bit more and opt for a 7200 RPM drive instead (the Seagate Game Drive is 5400 RPM) but we’ve gone for convenience, no noise and price. And after all, the Xbox One and Xbox One S internal drives are 5400 RPM too, so the performance will at least match them.

You can also add multiple drives – after all there are three USB 3.0 ports on the Xbox One but be aware that the Xbox One can only accept up to three external drives in total, so no extra daisy chaining.

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